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The Importance of Low Cost Dental Care for Young Patients in Need

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Glenn J Marie DDS

As the owner of Dentistry for Children in Staten Island, New York, Glenn J. Marie, DDS helps children maintain their healthy teeth. As part of his commitment to healthy kids and healthy teeth, Glenn J. Marie, DDS often offers low cost or no cost services to families who lack access to dental care.

Dental care is an important part of oral and overall health for everyone, and especially for growing children. Unfortunately, many children from low-income backgrounds lack access to regular dental care. They tend to have their first dental visits much later than other children, and see the dentist infrequently after that.

Barriers to dental care can have severe consequences for young people. Many students from low income families experience distracting tooth pain in class. Others struggle with proper nutrition when eating becomes painful. Compared to their healthy peers, these children are three times more likely to miss school as a result of dental problems. This can cause them to fall behind in class and face academic struggles down the road.