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The ADA – Giving Kids a Healthy Smile

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Give Kids A Smile

Glenn J Marie DDS is the owner of Dentistry for Children, a dental practice based in Staten Island, New York. In addition to his practice, which welcomes patients with autism, down syndrome, and other special needs, Glenn J Marie DDS enhances his professional skills through membership with the American Dental Association.

The American Dental Association is a national non-profit organization that provides oral health information, as well as programs and research efforts, for the benefit of its 159,000 dentist members and their patients. Established in 1859, the American Dental Association now reaches across the United States, and provides an ever-growing list of events and programs for the people its members serve. One of these programs is called “Give Kids A Smile.”

Give Kids A Smile is an initiative focused on providing underprivileged children with dental care. A relatively-recent movement, Give Kids A Smile began in 2002 in St. Louis, Missouri, and soon spread across the nation with assistance from the ADA. The initiative relies on two things: ADA members who volunteer their time to provide free dental services for the children, and donations from sponsors, volunteers, and other interested parties. Through this program, many children whose parents are unable to afford a visit to the dentist can get the dental care every child needs and deserves.

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