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AAPD and Others Tackle Facial Injuries

Facial Injuries pic

Facial Injuries
Image: aapd.org

Since 1990, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, has worked in the Staten Island area, serving patients out of his own practice, Dentistry for Children. In his work, he specializes in working with special needs patients to provide them with high-quality dental care. Active in his profession, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, belongs to a number of professional associations, including the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD).

Last April, the AAPD joined with four other dental organizations as part of National Facial Projection Month to raise awareness about how injuries to the face can affect dental care and how to adequately protect oneself against them. According to recent studies, these types of injuries are not only prevalent but costly, with over 5 million teeth either hurt or knocked completely out of the mouth on an annual basis. The estimated cost to taxpayers in the United States for treating these injuries is approximately $500 million.

That’s why the AAPD and other dental organizations all recommend that mouth guards be a requisite piece of equipment for anyone engaged in competitive sports. These can either be custom-fit by a dental professional or purchased from retail sporting goods outlets.