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Three Mental Benefits of Practicing Martial Arts


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Martial Arts

Since 1990, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, has served as the owner of and a dentist for Dentistry for Children, where he specializes in treating children with special needs. Outside of the office, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, enjoys karate, a pastime he has pursued for more than 30 years.

Learning and training in a martial art offers obvious physical benefits, but it can also greatly benefit your state of mind. Here are three ways practicing the martial arts can help you grow mentally.

1. Lowered Aggression – This may seem counterintuitive to the outsider who sees nothing but punching, kicking, and grappling, but doing martial arts has been shown to lower aggression. One study that tested middle-school boys found that those who participated in school-offered martial arts programs showed improved class behavior and less aggressiveness toward other students.

2. Stress Reduction – Martial arts provide students something to focus on other than their daily stresses. More than that, many introduce students to beneficial concepts like controlled breathing, meditation, and emotional control, all of which can help to reduce stress.

3. Increased Confidence – To become a good martial artist, a student must learn to trust their judgment and skill level. As a student grows as a martial artist, he or she continually sets new goals and reaches them, whether the goal is mastering a new kick or getting the next belt. This mixture of self-trust and regularly achieving milestones can boost general confidence in ways that carry over to other aspects of the practitioner’s life.