The Physical Benefits of Martial Arts


Martial Arts pic

Martial Arts

The owner of Dentistry for Children in Staten Island, New York, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, has practiced pediatric dentistry for nearly 30 years. Outside of providing personalized patient care, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, enjoys staying active by practicing karate. Martial arts like karate offer a wide array of physical benefits to practitioners of all ages. Here are five reasons to take up this rewarding pastime.

1. It’s great for the heart. Like other aerobic activities, practice of the martial arts can improve cardiovascular fitness by giving the heart a good workout.

2. Full-body workout. Martial arts participation works every muscle group in the body and can improve flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina over time.

3. Improved weight loss. One hour of martial arts practice can burn off more than 500 calories, leading to weight loss. As muscle tone improves, metabolic demands increase, which leads to more calories burned each day, further preventing obesity.

4. Improved reflexes. Learning when to defend and when to attack works the brain and improves reflexes, translating to other areas of life, such as driving.

5. Increased energy. Working out releases endorphins, which keep the brain alert and make it easier to get things done during the day.