Benefits of CrossFit Training


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CrossFit Training

Glenn J. Marie, DDS, has owned and operated Dentistry for Children on Staten Island, New York, since 1990. A longtime athlete and karate black belt, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, recently began practicing CrossFit.

CrossFit is an intense and challenging workout that targets the whole body and builds all aspects of physical fitness, including mobility and cardiovascular health. Each workout takes only 5 to 15 minutes but in that time requires the athlete to be in almost constant motion. Participants in the program usually do these workouts three to five days each week, either independently or at an affiliate location.

The intensity of the workout means that the athlete can gain significant benefit in a short amount of time. Variety means that he or she can more easily stay motivated and avoid boredom, and those who work out at gyms, or “boxes,” can draw on the motivation of others. Because CrossFit dictates the routine that participants will perform on a particular day, the box is a space of shared effort and helps everyone to build community.

CrossFit boxes also allow people to participate in classes led by a qualified coach, who offers support for strong technique. This in turn enables those involved to gain the maximum benefit from each exercise and thus from the program overall.