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Maximizing the Benefits of the CrossFit Workout


CrossFit Workout pic

CrossFit Workout

As owner and practicing dentist of Dentistry for Children in Staten Island, New York, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, provides care for children of all ages and developmental levels. Glenn J. Marie, DDS, balances his professional responsibilities with an active personal life that includes regular CrossFit workouts.

CrossFit provides the athlete with a comprehensive and varied way to improve muscle strength, athletic stamina, and flexibility. Focus on the flexibility component frequently allows the athlete to improve overall results by increasing mobility, while simultaneously providing the injury prevention support necessary for ongoing workouts.

Proper technique plays a key role, as does balance. By introducing bilateral movements that strengthen the body on both sides, the athlete can avoid the imbalance that comes from overworking one side and instead build stable strength. Meanwhile, deep breathing helps to promote balance by keeping the body relaxed.

Finally, the consistency of a CrossFit regimen is essential for the athlete who hopes to see results. Experts recommend two to five classes per week, interspersed with enough rest to avoid overtraining. In between, a high-protein diet and plenty of sleep help the muscles to rebuild and strengthen. Steady progress is more likely in an athlete who does not overwork, but who instead sets realistic goals and short-term challenges throughout the process.


An Introduction to Kyokushin Karate

Glenn J. Marie, DDS, balances his work as a pediatric dentist with a highly active personal life. A karate practitioner for 35 years, Glenn J. Marie has achieved a black belt in the kyokushkin form.

Kyokushin karate stems from the work of founder Masutatsu Oyama, who established the form as a way of returning to what he believed were the more combat-oriented roots of the practice. Adhering to in the values of discipline and personal growth, he advocated for full-contact sparring and a demanding training regimen to promote these qualities.

Experienced in multiple forms of karate, including Goju-Ryu, Oyama strove to emulate samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi. He engaged in three years of intensive solitary training atop Mount Kiyozumi, and 18 months later, he made himself famous when he killed a charging bull with a single blow. In doing so, he embodied the samurai code of certain death with a single strike.

Oyama went on to create kyokushin as a form of karate that focused on bushido, the way of the samurai warrior, rather than on the martial code of budo that was the focus of other martial arts. Translated in its original language to “society for the ultimate truth,” kyokushin has become known as “the strongest karate” for its emphasis on success in combat.

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Three Tips for CrossFit Newcomers

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Pediatric dentist Glenn J. Marie, DDS operates his private practice in Staten Island, where he works primarily with children with autism spectrum disorders and Down Syndrome. Outside of his work in pediatric dentistry, Glenn J. Marie, DDS enjoys working out at his local CrossFit gym.

One of the most popular exercise programs in recent years, CrossFit may seem intimidating to those who have never stepped inside a gym before. Here are three tips to help CrossFit newcomers make the most of their workouts.

Always ask for clarification – If you do not fully grasp an exercise, never hesitate to ask someone for help. Not only will asking for clarification help you make the most of your time in the gym, but it will also help you improve your form and prevent injury.

Don’t forget nutrition – When people fail to experience gains in strength or endurance, one of the most common reasons involves their food intake. A healthy, clean diet improves many different performance areas, from muscle building and stamina to recovery time and immune system health.

Don’t overdo it – As any experienced athlete or weightlifter will tell you, rest and recovery are the keys to making real progress. If you overwork your muscles, you may prevent them from rebuilding and slow your overall progression.

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CrossFit Workouts Can Offer Many Benefits for the Body

CrossFit Workouts pic

CrossFit Workouts

The owner of Dentistry for Children, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, is a pediatric dentist who has experience working with children with Down syndrome, autism, and other special needs. Outside of his professional life, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, enjoys many hobbies, including CrossFit.

CrossFit is a workout program that involves a mix of Olympic weightlifting and interval training. This workout can bring multiple benefits to the body. Heart rate will stay elevated through the whole workout and, in return, that increases endurance. Data from a study involving the American Council on Exercise showed that those who were engaged in CrossFit workouts had elevated heart rates of up to 90 percent of their maximum heart rate.

Crossfit was intended to focus on endurance, coordination, strength, power, speed, agility, and flexibility. These movements can lead to positive change, including increased joint mobility. A person’s limbs will be moving in all sorts of directions, and they will also be taught how to properly lift heavy things from the floor and hold them over the head.