SDDSNY Talks Opioid Training Law


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Second District Dental Society of New York

Since 1990, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, has served young patients through his practice Dentistry for Children, located in Staten Island, New York. Deeply involved in the local dental community, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, is a longtime member of the Second District Dental Society of New York (SDDSNY).

As part of its mission to help support the dental profession in Brooklyn and Staten Island, SDDSNY often posts reminders and other news items of note to practicing dentists in the area. Earlier this year, the organization issued an important reminder to dentists about the new opioid prescribing law, which requires every dentist who holds a DEA registration number to complete a training course at least every three years.

The dental society also highlighted a course put together by the New York State Dental Foundation (NYSDF) that satisfies the state’s legal requirements, and counts for three hours toward a dentist’s continuing education requirements. To learn more about the requirements or the recommended NYSDF course, visit


ADA Talks Infection Precautions

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American Dental Association

For more than two and a half decades, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, has served patients through Dentistry for Children, located in Staten Island, New York. A respected member of the dental community, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, contributes to advances in the field and networks with his peers through membership in the American Dental Association.

Last August, the American Dental Association (ADA) released a statement informing the public of the ways in which dentists prevent the spread of infection and keep patients safe. All dental practitioners are required by law to adhere to guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which were recently updated in a document titled “CDC Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings: Basic Expectations for Safe Care.” This guidance spells out in great detail the things that dentists, technicians, and other staff must do to keep their offices sanitary.

Best practices include cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces in an examination room before a patient enters, or covering equipment with plastic and then replacing the plastic each time a new patient comes in. Disposable tools are discarded in safe containers after each use, and all non-disposable tools are cleaned and sterilized before they are used again. Through these practices and others, dentists commit daily to keeping their offices infection-free.

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College of Dentistry at New York University – Dental Research

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Dental Research

Prior to entering the practice of dentistry, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, attended Wagner College in Staten Island, New York, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in biology/chemistry. Glenn J. Marie, DDS, also attended the New York University College of Dentistry in New York, New York, where he earned his DDS.

As one of the oldest and largest dental schools in the country, the College of Dentistry at New York University is dedicated to achieving academic excellence in the dental students and helping to students to improve the health of the community through creative endeavors and research in the field of dentistry. One of the most critical components of dental education at the College Of Dentistry is in the area of research.

The NYU College of Dentistry focuses on teaching students how research can be a key component in the overall education of dental students. Students have the opportunity to participate in several research programs such as the NYU Dentistry Summer Research Experience, where students work alongside faculty members while conducting research and attending seminars three times each week on subjects like lab safety, ethics, and health disparities. The experience helps students to understand the science behind the world of dentistry.

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AAPD Pediatric Dentistry FAQ


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American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Glenn J. Marie, DDS, is the owner of and a dentist at Dentistry for Children in Staten Island, New York. In this role, he specializes in treating children with Down’s syndrome, autism, and other special needs. Glenn J. Marie, DDS, is also a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), a nationwide membership organization that strives to advance the optimal oral health of all children.

The AAPD website features a “Question and Answers” section to help parents navigate their child’s dental care. Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

Question: What kind of toothbrush should I use on my baby’s teeth?

Answer: A soft toothbrush with a small head will work to remove plaque. For the best results, look for a toothbrush specifically made for use on an infant’s teeth and gums.

Q: When should my child have his or her first dental check-up?

A: The AAPD recommends bringing your child in before his or her first birthday, as soon as the child’s teeth start coming in.

Q: Are pacifiers and thumb sucking hurting my baby’s teeth?

A: Generally speaking, no. Most children grow out of these habits by the age of three. If the habit continues at that point, it may then lead to dental issues. See your pediatric dentist about ways to stop the child from sucking a pacifier or thumb.

Glenn J Marie DDS

Oral Health in the U.S. – Children with Financial Disadvantages

Glenn J Marie DDS

Glenn J Marie DDS

Glenn J. Marie, DDS, a pediatric dentist with decades of experience, provides oral health services to children through his Staten Island, New York-based clinic. A provider who gives back to his community, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, donates professional time to financially disadvantaged children in need of dental care.

In the United States, millions of children live in poverty. Recent census puts the problem in sharp relief, reporting that more than 21 percent of American children reside with families earning incomes below the federal poverty level. Put in raw numbers, that percentage constitutes more than 15 million children.

Financially disadvantaged children face a variety of challenges, not the least of which is maintaining oral health. This can have wide-reaching consequences.

For instance, a study focusing on children in North Carolina found that those with financial disadvantages were significantly more likely to stay home from school as a result of dental pain. Another study, this one in Los Angeles, found dental health issues caused more than 30 percent of absences for elementary school children from poorer backgrounds.

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Oral Hygiene and Infants

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Oral Hygiene

A pediatric dentist serving patients through Dentistry for Children in Staten Island, New York, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, helps new parents understand how best to approach oral care for their infants. In preparation for his oral health career, Dr. Glenn J. Marie achieved his doctor of dental surgery (DDS) from the New York College of Dentistry.

Parents can practice regular hygiene on their infants to avoid preventable illnesses that can negatively impact oral health. Once an infant is born, parents ought to get in the habit of cleaning their mouths by regularly wiping their gums.

Once the first baby teeth erupt, usually between an infant’s third and ninth months, it’s important to ensure they remain clean by carefully brushing them with water about three times daily. Parents ought not to introduce toothpaste until their children reach two years of age.

Before an infant’s first birthday, parents should schedule an appointment with their dentist, who will perform a thorough examination of the infant’s mouth. If necessary, a dental hygienist may conduct an oral cleaning and apply a fluoride treatment that helps protect infant teeth from cavities.

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AAPD and Others Tackle Facial Injuries

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Facial Injuries

Since 1990, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, has worked in the Staten Island area, serving patients out of his own practice, Dentistry for Children. In his work, he specializes in working with special needs patients to provide them with high-quality dental care. Active in his profession, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, belongs to a number of professional associations, including the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD).

Last April, the AAPD joined with four other dental organizations as part of National Facial Projection Month to raise awareness about how injuries to the face can affect dental care and how to adequately protect oneself against them. According to recent studies, these types of injuries are not only prevalent but costly, with over 5 million teeth either hurt or knocked completely out of the mouth on an annual basis. The estimated cost to taxpayers in the United States for treating these injuries is approximately $500 million.

That’s why the AAPD and other dental organizations all recommend that mouth guards be a requisite piece of equipment for anyone engaged in competitive sports. These can either be custom-fit by a dental professional or purchased from retail sporting goods outlets.