Benefits of CrossFit Training


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CrossFit Training

Glenn J. Marie, DDS, has owned and operated Dentistry for Children on Staten Island, New York, since 1990. A longtime athlete and karate black belt, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, recently began practicing CrossFit.

CrossFit is an intense and challenging workout that targets the whole body and builds all aspects of physical fitness, including mobility and cardiovascular health. Each workout takes only 5 to 15 minutes but in that time requires the athlete to be in almost constant motion. Participants in the program usually do these workouts three to five days each week, either independently or at an affiliate location.

The intensity of the workout means that the athlete can gain significant benefit in a short amount of time. Variety means that he or she can more easily stay motivated and avoid boredom, and those who work out at gyms, or “boxes,” can draw on the motivation of others. Because CrossFit dictates the routine that participants will perform on a particular day, the box is a space of shared effort and helps everyone to build community.

CrossFit boxes also allow people to participate in classes led by a qualified coach, who offers support for strong technique. This in turn enables those involved to gain the maximum benefit from each exercise and thus from the program overall.


The Physical Benefits of Martial Arts


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Martial Arts

The owner of Dentistry for Children in Staten Island, New York, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, has practiced pediatric dentistry for nearly 30 years. Outside of providing personalized patient care, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, enjoys staying active by practicing karate. Martial arts like karate offer a wide array of physical benefits to practitioners of all ages. Here are five reasons to take up this rewarding pastime.

1. It’s great for the heart. Like other aerobic activities, practice of the martial arts can improve cardiovascular fitness by giving the heart a good workout.

2. Full-body workout. Martial arts participation works every muscle group in the body and can improve flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina over time.

3. Improved weight loss. One hour of martial arts practice can burn off more than 500 calories, leading to weight loss. As muscle tone improves, metabolic demands increase, which leads to more calories burned each day, further preventing obesity.

4. Improved reflexes. Learning when to defend and when to attack works the brain and improves reflexes, translating to other areas of life, such as driving.

5. Increased energy. Working out releases endorphins, which keep the brain alert and make it easier to get things done during the day.

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Three Mental Benefits of Practicing Martial Arts


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Martial Arts

Since 1990, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, has served as the owner of and a dentist for Dentistry for Children, where he specializes in treating children with special needs. Outside of the office, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, enjoys karate, a pastime he has pursued for more than 30 years.

Learning and training in a martial art offers obvious physical benefits, but it can also greatly benefit your state of mind. Here are three ways practicing the martial arts can help you grow mentally.

1. Lowered Aggression – This may seem counterintuitive to the outsider who sees nothing but punching, kicking, and grappling, but doing martial arts has been shown to lower aggression. One study that tested middle-school boys found that those who participated in school-offered martial arts programs showed improved class behavior and less aggressiveness toward other students.

2. Stress Reduction – Martial arts provide students something to focus on other than their daily stresses. More than that, many introduce students to beneficial concepts like controlled breathing, meditation, and emotional control, all of which can help to reduce stress.

3. Increased Confidence – To become a good martial artist, a student must learn to trust their judgment and skill level. As a student grows as a martial artist, he or she continually sets new goals and reaches them, whether the goal is mastering a new kick or getting the next belt. This mixture of self-trust and regularly achieving milestones can boost general confidence in ways that carry over to other aspects of the practitioner’s life.

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Marlins and Marlin Fishing

Marlin Fishing pic

Marlin Fishing

Glenn J. Marie, DDS, provides pediatric dental treatments to patients through his Staten Island, New York-based clinic. In his spare time, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, enjoys participating in deep-sea fishing trips for marlin.

The blue marlin is a species of deep sea fish that lives in the Atlantic ocean. The animals rank among the largest fish in the entire world; They can weigh in at nearly 2000 pounds and grow to roughly 14 feet long. Marlins tend to migrate throughout the Atlantic, following the warm-water currents that they prefer. In terms of diet, they feed on smaller fish like tuna and mackerel, as well as squid.

Marlin are a highly desired prize sought by fishers. Many cultures, including Japan’s, consider marlin meat a delicacy. However, Marlin are not so easily captured, considering their enormous size and strength.

Properly fishing for marlin requires a deep-sea fishing vessel equipped with tackle strong enough to withstand the creature’s power. Moreover, it’s important to utilize the right bait, whether live or artificial.