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Tips for Helping a Child Deal With a Dentist Appointment

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Glenn J Marie DDS

Glenn J. Marie, DDS, is the owner and primary dentist at Dentistry for Children in Staten Island, New York. The office is especially experienced in helping children with special needs, including autism and Down Syndrome. Glenn J. Marie received a DDS from the New York College of Dentistry.

Taking children to the dentist regularly is a vital part of protecting their dental health. Most children should visit the dentist by his or her first birthday. This first visit is in part designed to help kids get used to visiting the dentist and also to teach parents how to tend to their baby’s teeth. By age two, children should be seeing the dentist every six months. Most children will receive an orthodontic evaluation around age seven, which helps dentists identify the skeletal causes of crooked teeth.

Prior to bringing your child to the dentist, it is a good idea to prepare him or her by discussing what to expect and urging him or her to be excited about the visit. Appointments for children are best held early in the day, when children are alert and fresh. Parents should also be prepared to hold their children in the chairs, especially those who are under 36 months old.

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Three Tips for CrossFit Newcomers

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Pediatric dentist Glenn J. Marie, DDS operates his private practice in Staten Island, where he works primarily with children with autism spectrum disorders and Down Syndrome. Outside of his work in pediatric dentistry, Glenn J. Marie, DDS enjoys working out at his local CrossFit gym.

One of the most popular exercise programs in recent years, CrossFit may seem intimidating to those who have never stepped inside a gym before. Here are three tips to help CrossFit newcomers make the most of their workouts.

Always ask for clarification – If you do not fully grasp an exercise, never hesitate to ask someone for help. Not only will asking for clarification help you make the most of your time in the gym, but it will also help you improve your form and prevent injury.

Don’t forget nutrition – When people fail to experience gains in strength or endurance, one of the most common reasons involves their food intake. A healthy, clean diet improves many different performance areas, from muscle building and stamina to recovery time and immune system health.

Don’t overdo it – As any experienced athlete or weightlifter will tell you, rest and recovery are the keys to making real progress. If you overwork your muscles, you may prevent them from rebuilding and slow your overall progression.