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When to Visit Costa Rica

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Costa Rica

Based in Staten Island, New York, Glenn J. Marie, DDS, focuses on pediatric dentistry at his private practice, Dentistry for Children. Glenn J. Marie, DDS, also enjoys traveling, and he counts Aruba and Costa Rica among his favorite destinations.

Visiting Costa Rica may always seem like a good idea, but, according to U.S. News & World Report, there are good times and there are better times. The best time to visit is from mid-December through April, the country’s dry season. It is also peak tourist season, which means that the country is extra crowded and temperatures can reach highs in the 90s. June and July are also fine times to visit, as the rain levels tend to drop then, and the forests are freshly and brightly green.

Travelers looking for lower prices and fewer crowds should visit Costa Rica in the wet season, May through November. Be warned: this time of year is called the wet season for a reason, as the country is plagued by constant rain showers. However, some areas of the country, such as Guanacaste province in the northwest, experience less rain than others.